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User Experience

VIsual Design

App Development

Dzineer is a well-known web development company that offers competitive end-to-end web app/website development services. We provide high-quality and dependable services such as UI/UX design, web development, performance testing, production deployment, and post-launch support, to name a few.

Our Design & Development Process

End-to-end software development Solutions.

Strategy & Roadmap.

We visualize the key outcomes to be delivered, working closely with our customers,  in order to realize the organization’s strategic objective in a timely manner

Visual & UX Design

We create world-class software for businesses of all sorts, from start-ups to major, innovative corporations, all around the world. Product creation, technical specifications, User Experience (UX), User Interface (UI), infrastructure management, and online and mobile application development are all things that we can help you with.


Everything you’ll need to design, build, and launch a successful web app is provided by us. Whether you’re a startup or an established company, we can help you put your vision into a set of comprehensive criteria, offer you with a fixed price, and oversee the entire software development process. Post launch, we provide maintenance services as well as ongoing development of new features or versions.

Launch & Monitor

Pre, post production launch, we monitor our apps, and provide top-tier support in responding to any all issues.  

What We Build For


Food & Drink



Sports & Fitness 

Real Estate 




Case Studies

Quoting Engine


We custom designed and architected popular AQ2E life insurance quoting software to meet the demand of agents growth and expanded the user base to the thousands. As growth kept increasing we built various landing pages that integrated with our quoting engine to provide sophisticated lead generation with notifications at a moments notice. Our final phase we integrate a full user’s API that integrated into third-party CRM solutions.

Used by hundreds of BGAs


Marketing Platforms

Productivity, Business

We built various marking platforms to reach different niche markets.  integrated sophisticated lead generation connecting to sales funnels, supporting third-part S.A.A.S., and P.A.A.S. platforms.


What We Offer

Solutions that work for You

Mobile AND WEB App Development

We will bring your app idea to life. We have experience developing custom solutions / designs to engage your customers experience, while not losing quality of service. 

Roadmap & Strategy

We work with you in releasing / and visualizing key outcomes to be delivered, working closely with our customers,  in order to realize the organization’s strategic objective in a timely manner

Backend & API Development

We provide multiple backend strategies, Node.js, 
Laravel 8, CI integration and support Digital Ocean, Vultr and even your own custom environment.

User Centric Experiences

Your product is your product. We respect that. Our Product Design Specialist cater to your design and your users’ exerience

WorldClass Support

Email and schedules session support , we also work with our clients’ third-parties in negotiations and discussions

Data backups

All projects are fully backed up and we offer continual backup services with our paid SLA licenses

Product Updates

Adding new features and updates per customer requests, if using a license product, getting the latest features with a current license.

quality FIRST

Our quality is next to none. We offer the best and all our staff have been vetted to product highest quality results

Thank you for working with us. That was great. Your product added so much value! Your quote software has brought so many customers I could, cry good tears Lol

T. Sarlese, Insurance

your approach is just fantastic!! Your ideas merge perfectly with the customer’s wants and desires!!!…..you are the best!

R. Lorenzen, National Access

“You literally save our business! Your immediate response, quick decisions. We were heading down a step slow before you stepped in. Someone must be watching over us!”

M., Education services

Together, let’s create something spectacular!